Vacation Bible School 2014


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A great time was had by all as we learned about Gods Champions: which include

Jonah and the Whale and Daniel and the Lions Den and of course all of our kids are

Gods Champions too.  We encourage all of our kids to participate in a similar structure

for Sunday School, which begins after Missionfest in September.   Thank you so much

for all the kids that attended and the workers that made it all possible,


Rocky Grove Avenue Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School Gods Champions include:

Gage Clark, Doug Songer, Lilly Songer, Arika Songer, Elsea Moeller, Efraim Moeller,

Jake Hellem, Jackson Lukers, Savannah Lukers, Carson Whitling, Cameron Whitling,

Cayden Wielandt, James Williams, Alice Williams, Eli Moreland, Carley Moreland,

James Hoffman, Braxton Phillips.

Workers and Teachers and Cooks spotted are George Wielandt, Dave Christian,

Linda Christian. Joyce Pellow, Brooke Brannon, Jim Clinefelter, Sheryl Clinefelter,

Joan Lepley, Phyllis Wetzel, Jacob Wetzel, Jeremiah Lukers, Malinda Lukers,

Wayne Edmondson, Pam Viele, Joyce Dillemuth, Austin Clark, Kennedy Hartman,

Reagan Hartman, Konner Hartman, Diane Whitman, Kevin Songer, Jessica Songer,

Jim Speth, Sarah Speth, Samantha Hoffman, Ernie Pellow and Molly Whitling.